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Daisy cupcake

August 28, 2010

Just trying to get a nice shot of a great cupcake!


Chocolate vegan cupcakes

May 2, 2010

I made these cupcakes for a little girl who is allergic to dairy and eggs! It was time that she enjoy her birthday also!! The cupcake is vegan so does not contain any eggs or dairy product. The chocolate frosting is also vegan, so doesn’t contain any dairy.  By the way (I’m sure you’re all wondering!?)… Delicious and moist!

Spiderman cupcake party favors

February 22, 2010

These were made as party favors to go along with the spiderman theme of my friend’s daughters birthday.  If you can’t think of a party favors to give out, cookies or cupcakes are always a delicious way to show your appreciation!